A Day of Light and Sweets

Wonderful blog post in honor of Diwali. Take a trip down the memory lane of an Indian immigrant as recalls her Diwali experiences, or read about how second-ten Indian-Americans are remaking the holiday in the states. #diwali #deepavali #sweets #awesome

Indian American Story: Blog for the Smithsonian Indian American Heritage Project

by Lavina Melwani

Diwali lights Photo: courtesy BAPS

Diwali lights Photo: courtesy BAPS

Diwali Comes to America

The fireworks still explode in the memory, and the taste of nuts and cream and sugar still linger on the tongue. For immigrants from India, the childhood memories of Diwali are strong, for it is a time when India transforms into one glittering celebration. Public buildings are illuminated with neon lights and every home, no matter how humble, is ablaze with earthen lamps. In fact, entire villages are turned into fairylands, dotted with millions of lamps, glowing in the dark of night.

Deepavali Memories

Diwali, also known as Deepavali,  was the biggest thing in childhood for most Indians and the lighted lamps, the sweet treats and the festive air are hard to forget, even as one walks in the anonymity of Manhattan where Diwali is just another ordinary day and the trains run and the crowds rush and…

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