Radio Station Grants Mother’s Christmas Wishes Two Years after Death

I have no words. Truly. Such care and foresight from a loving mom. Reminds us all to take a step back and appreciate the loved ones around us and think of how best we can make them happy moving forward in this short life.


This holiday season, a local radio station has helped carry out the final wishes of a wife and mother of four in Des Moines, Iowa, who passed away two years ago at 46, CNN and the Des MoinesRegister report.

When Brenda Schmitz was dying of stage 4 ovarian cancer, she addressed a letter to Star 102.5 FM’s Christmas Wish program in August 2011 and instructed an anonymous friend to give it to the station only when her husband, David, found a new wife who would help raise their four sons.

A few months ago, David asked Jayne Abraham to marry him. A week-and-a-half ago, the station received the letter, and on Dec. 19, host Colleen Kelly broadcasted Schmitz’s three requests: a spa day for David’s fiancé, a “magical trip” for the whole family, and a night out “full of drinks, food and fun” for the nurses and doctors who took care of Brenda and…

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