Blogger Tips: Resharing the ‘Blogger’s Meal Plan’–How to Shake Up Your Blogging Style and Increase Viewership

Hello bloggers and happy Sunday!  While you’re pondering over the nuances of your upcoming blog post on your day of rest, take a look at this handy-dandy Mashable article below that breaks down five basic, yet incredibly helpful tips to diversify your blogging style and increase viewership–replete with a fun, food-centric infographic! For all the food pyramid lovers in us. And on that note…I really need to get into the swing of blogging again soon. Maybe I’ll return from my hiatus with a ‘condiment’ style blog post next week to spice things up again, eh? 😉

“The Blogger’s Meal Plan: 5 Secrets for Well-Balanced Content”

(Infographic taken from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions)


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