Howdy blogosphere! I am a graduate student pursuing an M.A in the Journalism – Literary Reportage program at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute — and also an erstwhile blogger. My interests include human rights reporting, long form narratives, photojournalism and investigative reporting. However, glorious food and travel pics, social justice-related rants and random musings on literature are all fair game on “Breaking the Box.”

(To learn more about my professional work, please visit my website tarayarlagadda.com. )

This blog attempts to expand the boundaries of discussion and “break the box” of the traditional narratives of any issue, whether it’s an analysis of the media’s political coverage or a dissection of Indian culture from an Indian-American perspective.  You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter (@ tarayarla) or Instagram (@ tyarlagadda). Happy reading!


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